Reference Rankings


Reference rankings (Ref. Rank) takes the research population into consideration, in order to adjust the world university rankings. Ref. Rank is recalculated for four indicators, namely the number of articles in the last 11 years, number of articles in the current year, number of citations in the last 11 years, and the number of citations in the last two years. The value of indicators is then divided by the number of full-time faculty members.


Number of Faculty members

The source of number of faculty members as reflected in the Ref. Rank was modified this year, in which the modification was created mainly with references to the numbers provided by QS and THE. As for the institutions excluded from QS and THE, the calculation of them was based on the average number.


*Previous methods

This ranking system employed the number of faculty members that were obtained from the following sources (listed by priority in usage): numbers of full-time faculty members obtained from university official websites, numbers of faculty members registered with each higher education administration, and numbers of the academic staff of each university obtained from university websites. Please noted that the ranking employs a range of sources for number of faculty members information, and therefore the results must be treated with caution.